24 July 2012

Ready to Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

Ready to  Fish Soft Sided Tackle Bag

 It came with a bunch of adjustable velcro dividers for the main interior compartment that allow you to lay out the inside any way you like. I used about half of them. It has a clear pocket on the interior lid for papers and electronic devices. The exterior of the same lid has a cable net to hold your coat, gloves, hat, rod tube or a net. The strap D-rings have room to clip items on. It has nice exterior pockets all the way around, the back side is one long mesh pocket that runs down the whole bag. It has a tool pocket one the front that has 3 elastic mini compartments inside, a big area, and another zippered area, exterior bandolier type things, carabiner clips, and a small zippered pocket for your license.
 One side has a mesh water bottle pocket on the side with a strap, D-rings and a pocket with a velcro lid. The opposite side has a large pocket, that for me fits 8 bottles of bait. It has a comfortable padded shoulder strap that clips onto D-rings, it and the dividers were bundled inside and had to be installed, which takes a few seconds at most

SIZE: Measures 16 inches long x 12.7 inches wide x 16 x 11.2 inches tall. Very light, it weighs just under 1 pound.

Terry Hearn Carp Fishing

Terry Hearn is quite possibly the most famous carp angler in the UK. Fishing the estate lake at Eynsham Hall in Oxford he shows just why he appears to catch more carp than anyone else....providing he can get past the tench.

6 May 2012

Deep in the Jungle

Fishing Videos

Deep in the Jungle Fishing 
Smallmouth Bass fishing in Hawaii. I think I must have the best job in the Universe. Designing, building and then testing fishing lures. In this vid you can get an idea of the variety of retrieve patterns and the subsequent actions. From surface skittering to lyrical subsurface swimming.

Jungle fishing adelaide hills

Fishing Videos

Jungle fishing Adelaide hills

Barely 30 minutes from Adelaide’s city centre and 45 minutes from the airport, experience a change of pace in the Adelaide Hills. It stretches from the Barossa Valley in the north, to Kuitpo Forest in the south.

5 May 2012

Fishing in Amazon with Natives

Fishing Videos

Dan Fishing in Amazon with Natives
Caught about 50 fish in less than 1/2 hour. This is what the natives do when they need food